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Our firm specializes in:
Real estate & investment in properties in Israel • Commercial litigation • Administrative petitions, class actions and appeals to the Supreme Court • Labor law • Foreign trade - import to and export from Israel

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Real estate lawyer

We represent commercial entities, contractors, entrepreneurs, hedge funds, importers and exporters, associations / non-profits, cooperatives, tenants of urban renewal projects & private clients.

Our firm maintains personal and business connections with relevant entities around the world, including investment funds, real estate companies, law firms and foreign accountants.

We continually prove our excellence in legal service while nurturing an outstanding relationship with you, the client. We combine broad legal expertise with in-depth understanding of Israeli business regulation and culture.

Real Estate and Property Tax

Our firm guides companies, entrepreneurs, contractors and private clients through a variety of transactions in residential construction in Israel and abroad: investment properties, commercial properties, office spaces, multi-faceted transactions and supervision of complex financing deals in Israel and Europe. We also specialize in urban renewal (“Tama 38”) including structural renovation and total demolitions. Additionally, we provide guidance and representation when handling any matters relating to property tax.


The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in all types of litigation cases, including civil and commercial disputes: financial claims, contractual claims, real estate disputes, class actions, tenders, taxes and more. Our team represents clients in administrative petitions, appellate committees, appeals to the Israeli Supreme Court, claims to the Supervisor of Joint Houses, arbitration and mediation.

Ongoing Legal Counsel for Companies & NGOs

Our firm advises companies on the legal aspects related to their business activities and assists in drafting commercial agreements such as distribution, franchising, marketing, licensing and partnership agreements, founders' agreements and more. We provide top-level legal counsel to non-profit organizations - with respect to both ongoing activities and obtaining proper management certification and recognition as "public institutions" under Section 46 of the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance.

Labor and Employment Law

We provide ongoing legal advice to individuals, businesses and companies in all aspects of Israeli labor law. This includes all labor related legal proceedings, as well as arrangements outside the labor courts, as necessary. The firm advises and accompanies its clients on all matters related to labor relations, including the drafting of labor agreements, employment termination agreements and ongoing consultation with regards to complying with Israeli labor laws.

Foreign Trade

Our team assists organizations with expert counsel on matters related to foreign trade and import and export to and from Israel. We expertly handle classification of goods for customs and purchase tax purposes, import regulations, applications for exemptions from import taxes under the Indirect Taxes Law, international forwarding, seizing and confiscation of goods, tax refunds and trade levies. We serve as in-court representation for all these matters as well.

International Transactions and Investments

We oversee a wide range of multinational business activity in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and the United States. This includes establishing companies abroad, expanding Israeli companies to international markets, joint ventures with foreign partners, accompanying investors and companies in raising capital and financing transactions.


Ohad Shpak

Ohad Shpak, the founder of the firm, holds an LLB from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in international law and international relations. Mr. Shpak is also a graduate of Georgetown University's Center for Trans-National Legal Studies, located in London.

Mr. Shpak is currently a member of the legal team of the Israeli Movement for Ethical Conduct, an NGO dedicated to fighting political corruption and protecting human rights.

Mr. Shpak also serves as Chairman of the Jerusalem branch of Lahav: The Israel Association of Independent Organizations, which works to promote the interests of business owners.

Prior to founding Ohad Shpak Law Office, Mr. Shpak practised law at Kramer-Shapira-Schneider & Co., where he specialized in property law, commercial and administrative litigation, contract law and labor law. Mr. Shpak also practised law at Shimron, Molho, Persky & Co, and gained extensive experience in property and labor law.

In addition, Mr. Shpak has experience in both international and domestic political practice, serving at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Ministry of Justice and as a speechwriter to the President of the State of Israel. In the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Shpak served as a member of the diplomatic team at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, handled issues of Israeli foreign policy, and was invited to partake as an Israeli observer at the Organization of American States (OAS); the premier regional forum for political decision-making in the Western Hemisphere.

In the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Shpak served in the department for international agreements and international litigation. Mr. Shpak assisted in authoring the State of Israel's report to the UN on the implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

As part of his volunteer activities for the community, from 2014-2016, Mr. Shpak served as the Director of the Forum for Promoting Relations between Ultra-Orthodox Jews and Secular Jews, an a-political, registers Israeli NGO that works to influence political process in matters of religion and state. Mr. Shpak currently manages “Haredi Jews – From Within” which offers the public a nuanced window into a closed community of Ultra Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem and in the city of Bnei Brak.

In addition to his legal experience and practice, Mr. Shpak currently advises corporations and private clients on issues related to the Middle East - foreign and security policy as well as regulatory and business affairs.

Mr. Shpak’s articles and opinion editorials have appeared in both international and domestic publications including TheMarker, Walla, Makor Rishon, NRG, The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, The Pioneer and The Hill.

Our office operates a professional Facebook community in the real estate and urban renewal spaces.

The community provides extensive information, comments and insights on urban renewal issues (such as Tama 38 and evacuation-construction), projects of the Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and investments in real estate in Israel and abroad.

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