Real Estate and Property Tax

  • Providing legal counsel to real estate entrepreneurs, investors and contractors.
  • Advising both real estate entrepreneurs and tenants in all types of urban renewal projects (Tama 38 projects).
  • Representation of private clients in sales and leasing transactions for residential, commercial, agricultural or investment purposes.
  • Combination transactions / distribution of possession, dissolution of partnerships and cooperative use of real estate / liquidation of land sharing / permission agreements for the use of real estate.
  • Cooperative Communities, Kibbutzim and Moshavim.
  • Providing property tax consultation, accompanying and handling tax for individuals and corporations, and litigation of tax disputes. 


  • Commercial Litigation – Representation in the courts for  monetary, civil & contractual claims, injunctions and requests for declaratory judgments, representation in urgent proceedings, foreclosures, receivership and more.
  •  Administrative litigation – representation in administrative petitions / appeals, and appeals to the Supreme Court.
  • Real Estate Litigation – Representation in instances of contractual violations, construction defects, contractual disputes, claims before the Supervisor of Joint Homes, disposal of land, liquidation of land sharing, and more.
  • Class Actions – We specialize in consumer claims (overcharging, deception, consumer protection law) and action against unlawful collection by local authorities and religious councils.

Business and NPO Oversight

  • Companies – Our firm advises companies on the legal aspects related to their business activities and assists in drafting commercial agreements such as distribution, franchising or marketing, partnership & license agreements, sale of products and services, and more.
  • We provide excellent insight related to consumer law, protection of privacy and databases, advertising, and so forth.
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Associations – We provide legal advice and support in the establishment of associations, NGOs and NPOs, oversee the ongoing activities and aid in obtaining the approval of proper management and approval as a “public institutions” under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance (“Se’if 46”).

Labor and Employment Law

  • Ongoing consultation for individuals, businesses and companies in all aspects of labor law: drafting contracts, ongoing accompaniment during the employment process, adapting labor conditions to changing regulations, securing workers rights, and accompaniment of termination processes and addressing employees entitled to special protections (pregnant women, union workers, etc.).
  • Representation in the framework of all labor related legal proceedings  – in labor courts, in the Ministry of Economics or in the Ministry of Defense, in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and before any competent authority. The representation also includes procedures for investigating complaints of sexual harassment, and their representation in legal or disciplinary proceedings as necessary. The firm also conducts settlements outside of court, as necessary.

Wills, Inheritance and Estate Planning

Our office provides the following services:

– Drafting wills according to the Israeli Law of Succession and according to relevant cast law.

– Applying for a Will Probate Orders from the Israeli Succession Cases Register.

–  Applying for a Succession Orders when there are no wills.

–  Representing clients in legal inheritance disputes before the Israeli Inheritance Registrar or before the relevant court.

– Managing release processes of abandoned assets which are managed by the Israeli Administrator General mostly in cases when a person has properties with no known heirs or property that belongs to someone who is not in Israel and whose fate is unknown or properties where contract has been lost with the owners.

– Advising clients with the regards to estate planning and transfer of wealth.

– Creating revocable trusts (also called Living Trusts) and irrevocable trusts in the wills to provide asset protection and managements for the surviving family members.

International Transactions and Investments

Our office oversees a wide range of multinational business activity in between Israel and the United States, Europe and Africa. We assist in establishing companies outside of Israel, legal counsel with regards to Israeli companies opening up to international markets, legal and tax assistance in regards to joint ventures between Israeli and foreign partners, as well as guiding investors and companies in raising capital and financing transactions outside of Israel. 

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