Wills, Inheritance and Estate Planning

Our office provides the following services:

– Drafting wills according to the Israeli Law of Succession and according to relevant cast law.

– Applying for a Will Probate Orders from the Israeli Succession Cases Register.

– Applying for a Succession Orders when there are no wills.

– Representing clients in legal inheritance disputes before the Israeli Inheritance Registrar or before the relevant court.

– Managing release processes of abandoned assets which are managed by the Israeli Administrator General mostly in cases when a person has properties with no known heirs or property that belongs to someone who is not in Israel and whose fate is unknown or properties where contract has been lost with the owners.

– Advising clients with the regards to estate planning and transfer of wealth.

– Creating revocable trusts (also called Living Trusts) and irrevocable trusts in the wills to provide asset protection and managements for the surviving family members.

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